About Turkishwares

Turkishwares is an online shop opened during the first lock down in England in 2020.
I grew up in Istanbul. My family was originally from a small village in Anatolia which gave me a great opportunity to  experience traditional Turkish lifestyle.
My early years and young adulthood were filled up with beautiful memories of my country and its charming Turkish culture.
I was surrounded by dazzling Anatolian motifs, handmade needle crafts, laces, beautiful Iznik tableware and Turkish music.
The idea to bring these vibrant inherited colours and splendid designs to  England lead to open my online shop in English countryside. 

Quality products carefully sourced
Each item you look at is not an ordinary product but it is a story of motifs and colours passed from generation to generation in the Anatolian culture of Turkey.
They are authentic. They were produced by creative local artisans who spent their time to produce quality ceramic tableware and lovely cushion covers  for their daily life.
I am very proud to say that 90% of my producers and exporters are amazing Turkish women entrepreneurs.
Traditional motifs and colours are reflected in all our products. The quality of each product is remarkable and designed to please the eyes and heart.
I hope you will love our products as much as I do.
Caring for our environment and planet
I carefully choose recyclable and biodegradable wrapping and packaging materials  to show my commitment to the future of our environment and planet. Turkishwares's  postage is also plastic free.

Supporting local business and artisans
I work with Turkish local business owners and artisans who produce our selective products in Turkey.
I am very happy to work with the UK business owners and artisans in the United Kingdom to do a wholesale trade, to cooperate in retail business and supply some of our products and provide their services for Turkishwares.


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